App development

Besides all the technical aspects which take place behind the scenes, one of the major keys to success of your platform is the customer acceptance and experience in a constantly and rapidly growing OTT market.
These two aspects can make a big difference to your success.
As the application is usually the only interface between you and your customers it needs to fulfil some key requirements, like:

  • Easy setup
  • Intuitive handling
  • Stability
  • Platform independent
  • Appealing design
  • Available via commonly used distribution channels (e.g. iOS app Store/Google play store)

In addition there is some points which are of interest for operators, like

  • Branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Smooth integration into your platform
  • Customizable on request
  • Bugfixing support
  • Enhancement capability

We have many years of experience in APP development for the two major platforms iOS & Android.
Not only for mobile devices but also for Set-Top-Box devices running on Android or AppleTVs.
Our developers are very focussed on our customer’s requirements.
Additionally we are working hard to create the same high user experience independent from the device’s platform. Usability shall be same on iOS and Android.
We, as Panaccess can provide all that is needed for your individual application.
From development all the way to distribution over app stores.

Are you looking for a new application? Please contact us.