Conditional access for DVB broadcast

Conditional access for broadcast TV services requires the highest grade of content protection. Without return channel the content access is not traceable in any way. In most cases the failure to secure the content leads to a decrease of the operator’s revenue. Highest security standards and complex key structures need to be implemented and paired with high-class security chipsets. This is one of the key skills of Panaccess’ experts. For more than 15 years we have been building an extensive experience in broadcast security concepts.

We take the responsibility for a sustained operator revenue.

Our sophisticated security concepts are nicely bundled into modern and compact head-end components that deliver the right solution for any kind of network size. The operator can easily scale and expand the service offer and subscriber base.

Having those different environments in mind, our products have been designed with far-sightedness. Handling and management become plug & play, utilization is nearly ubiquitous in any head-end and network.

A broad line-up of classical and modern conditional access features are the cornerstones of our solution. New functionality is integrated on a daily basis. On the one hand we implement operators’ specific demands, on the other we closely follow digital TV market trends & movements and often come up as a first mover.

Today’s and tomorrow’s threats are always part of our awareness. We do not react on piracy, we act in advance! A set of available countermeasures and stand-by technologies allow continuity. Control words generated by scramblers in the head-end that protect the broadcast content are secured along the whole signal chain. Unique keys branded into secure chipsets together with watermarking technology effectively prevent control word sharing on all scales.

Copy protection is a must for a conditional access system. Panaccess supports URI (user rule information) flags in its ECM/EMM structure in order to effectively provide a CA based and head-end controlled copy protection mechanism. Behavior of personal video recorders will be fully controlled by the head-end. Set top boxes and CI+ devices are available and fully support this.