Content Contribution

Panaccess delivers a high-end Content Contribution Solution that can easily replace the existing ones based on fibre, dedicated lines or even satellite links.

Any existing cloud service provider can be used to transport live video from a studio or any other content provider to the broadcaster or any DVB operator. Costs for Internet bandwidth and transfer volume generally become cheaper and due to the high availability of cloud environments, this solution delivers very interesting synergy effects for content contribution scenarios.

Content Contribution Highlights:

  • Very high availability
  • Cost-effective
  • High scalability for point to multi point
  • One contributor to many distributors
  • Any quality or number of video streams
  • Depending on the used cloud service operator, contribution globally possible e.g. from Australia to Ireland
  • Any security level available from unencrypted public to top-secret transmissions using Panaccess’ high-end key management and encryption
  • Fully DVB compliant, exact transmission, e.g. without PCR errors generated by jitter or delay

You can read more about our solution here.