SpoolNik is an effective EPG/SI spooler/generator for DVB networks that seamlessly integrates with all existing multiplexers and other Panaccess components such as HeadControl and CableView.

In CableView the operator easily manages the DVB network and EPG information of each service. Various EPG providers and data feeds (e.g.XMLTV) are supported and transparent for the user.

SpoolNik supports most common DVB tables such as NIT, SDT, EIT, TDT, TOT, BAT. It can play out these SI/PSI tables via unicast or multicast to the multiplexer.

Additionally you can use it to play out Over-The-Air update files to your customers` set-top-boxes or to define different channel list via the LCN descriptor.

NIT generation

  • Automatic insertion of delivery descriptor for DVB-S/S2/C/C2/T/T2
  • Automatic service list generation
  • LCN support
  • Option to insert raw descriptors at network and transport level
  • DVB network management in CableView
  • EPG data assignment in CableView
  • Output SPTS/MPTS
  • EPG monitoring in CableView

EIT generation

  • Dedicated configuration of playout parameters for each transport stream and cycle (Present/Follow, Schedule Other / Actual)
  • Support for multiple language encodings
  • Automatic intelligent stretching in case of bandwidth peaks & limitations


The Service Framwork Remote Control is the client you have to use to connect to SpoolNik and configure it.