It is the standard chassis for digital TV head-ends and runs Panaccess’ DVB/IP CAS software. Installation, operation and maintenance are very easy and do not need intervention of experts. Every head-end becomes a secure and state-of-the-art digital TV platform with high-end digital rights management and access restriction.

The HeadControl is available in two variants: Basic and Advanced.

Basic delivers high-end content protection to standard linear TV without IPTV and VoD services.

Basic features:

  • High-end conditional access system (CAS)
  • Compatible with DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, MMDS, IP, etc.
  • Up to 250.000 subscribers
  • No backup necessary
  • Controlled by CableView or network based interface
  • Pay per channel, IPTV client provisioning
  • On-screen messages

Advanced is chosen for multi-screen networks that need advanced content security in a heterogeneous environment. One single chassis is able to control Set-Top-Boxes, conditional access modules, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Advanced features:

  • One-way (CAS) or two-way (DRM) security
  • Any client device: Set Top Box, Over-The-Top, PC client, mobile device
  • Up to 2 million subscribers
  • Pay per channel, pay per view, pay per time