To take account to our clients needs, we as Panaccess refined our software solutions to comply to the major virtualization solutions.
All our server based solutions/products can be virtualized at 100% to improve our clients TCO without any limitations to functionality.

Key benefits of virtualization:

  • Speedy Recovery Time:  In the event of a system failure or disaster virtualization allows for faster recovery of IT resources which provides for improved business continuity and revenue.  The older infrastructures are incapable of recovering within a few hours and in most cases, companies experience a much longer downtime which results in revenue loss.
  • Better Scalability:  Virtualized environments are designed to be scalable which allows for more flexibility when it comes to company growth.  Instead of purchasing additional infrastructure components, new applications and upgrades can easily be implemented with virtualization.
  • Cost and Space Savings:  Saving on the costs of IT infrastructure is a reality when you switch to virtualization.  The cost savings also extends to reduced energy consumption and IT personnel while reducing the amount of space that is required to house an IT environment.
  • Better Return on Investment:  In addition to reducing the costs of maintaining an older infrastructure, companies can increase their ROI by ensuring business continuity following a disaster and preventing revenue loss.

With years of experience in virtualization we are a competent contact to assist you with all questions about virtualization while maintaining highest flexibility to meet your individual requirements.
No matter if you are running your own virtual environment and want to integrate our services into your environment or if you are new to the topic and are seeking for a whole-in-one solution, we are here to assist you.
Did we spark your interest? Don’t hesitate and contact us.