Content Security

Introducing the ultimate content security solution for your DVB, IP, and OTT services. Panaccess offers a versatile and reliable Conditional Access System (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that ensures your content stays safe and secure, no matter how it’s distributed.


CableView serves as the web-based user interface for all Panaccess products and beyond, with a constantly expanding feature set. It is the central component that allows for plug & play functionality and simple management of the entire system. Furthermore, CableView supports multiple languages, with translators currently maintaining 9 languages. It seamlessly integrates with other software systems such as subscriber management and billing.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • System management/monitoring
  • Subscriber management
  • Subscriber self-provisioning
  • Ticket system
  • EPG management
  • DVB network management
  • Hospitality mode
  • User/rights management
  • Multi theme support
  • Multi language and translator interface
  • Statistics


The HeadControl serves as the standard chassis for digital TV head-ends, running Panaccess’ DVB/IP CAS software. Its user-friendly installation, operation, and maintenance processes do not require expert intervention. By using HeadControl, each head-end is transformed into a secure and modern digital TV platform featuring top-notch digital rights management and access restriction capabilities.

HeadControl is offered in two versions: Basic and Advanced. The Basic version provides high-end content protection for standard linear TV broadcasts without IPTV and VoD services.


  • High-end conditional access system (CAS)
  • Compatible with DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, MMDS, IP, etc.
  • Up to 250.000 subscribers
  • Controlled by CableView or network based interface
  • On-screen messages

Cardless CA & DRM

Panaccess provides a CA kernel that operates on a secure chipset, ensuring a high level of security. Depending on the device’s chipset, our CA kernel can achieve various levels of security, ranging from a basic kernel for cost-effective devices to a sophisticated kernel secured by a high-end chipset with advanced security features activated.

All of our CA kernel versions include standby algorithms that can be activated in case of compromise, ensuring that your system remains secure. This integration of a tamper-proof smartcard directly into your box eliminates potential attacks that may occur during communication between the smartcard and the box hardware.


  • Chipset pairing with leading vendors available
  • Forced individual keys
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Parallel operation with smartcards
  • Integrated with all major head-end manufacturers
  • Two-way DRM encryption of the digital content
  • Fingerprinting and watermarking algorithms for increasing the level of security

Panaccess’ cardless technology has undergone a successful security audit by Farncombe and has received high ratings for its use in OTT, DTH, DTT, and cable operations. Farncombe recommends the cardless CAS solution for up to 2 million satellite subscribers and up to 5 million cable and terrestrial network subscribers.

Conditional Access for Hospitality

With Panaccess, hospitality operators can offer their guests linear TV services and Video-On-Demand while maintaining complete control over their demands and preventing piracy. The extensive experience in the conditional access industry, serving major DVB operators, guarantees strong encryption.

The solution has been tailor-made to cater to the specific requirements of the hospitality industry. Every establishment, including guest houses, clinics, and hotels, must provide value-added TV services using their current infrastructure. Whether the budget is limited or they are deploying state-of-the-art TV services from scratch, Panaccess plays a crucial role in ensuring successful access control.


  • Content in any network infrastructure can be secured and controlled with one single chassis (HeadControl) in the head-end.
  • The HeadControl controls both one-way (broadcast) and two-way transport networks, regardless of the type of cabling (coaxial, twisted pair or wireless) or transport (DVB-C/T or IP-based).
  • Existing TV sets can be used with the addition of a common interface module.
  • Existing TV sets can be used with the addition of a common interface module.
  • Technicians or caretakers maintain and manage smartcards/devices of the rooms.
  • Managers have full control and can observe all actions, including those executed in the past.
  • The system can be easily managed without the need for special skilled experts.

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