Internet TV Solution

Catchup-TV, Video-On-Demand, Internet TV.  The TV world is changing and needs a new form of delivery & content protection. Every evolution has chances and risks. Panaccess has solutions that minimize the risks involved with TV 2.0. Content for linear TV services or Video-On-Demand services, whatever form of distribution (IP multicast, HTTP live streaming, etc.) is being protected by a sophisticated conditional access concept.

Panaccess builds with its partners a showcase for Over-The-Top TV on IOS and Android devices. See Downloads page for more information.

Panaccess utilizes an own proprietary encryption engine, replacing onboard encryption features on known components of mobile TV head-ends, that implements own key change and disposition algorithms for full control of event or stream content. This gives maximum flexibility, i.e. multiple session keys for the same content.

Key deployment is done in a cryptographically complex manner that increases the effort of compromise significantly. Standby algorithms and other countermeasures such as piracy defense are available.

Fingerprinting of content warrants a consistent trace back to the operator and subscriber’s last legal access. The digital watermark is not visible, not removable and is secured by cryptography. This is the key tool for operators to acquire content and to protect their own revenues.

New cryptographic tools like white-boxing can protect your content even on client devices partly controlled by your customer.