Broadcast Solutions

Panaccess is your one-stop solution for secure and reliable broadcast services. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise allow us to specialize in serving TV channels with gambling content through our satellite distribution services, ensuring seamless delivery and maximum audience reach.

Betting-channels Hosting

Running your own betting or gambling service can be a very profitable business, but only if you reach your potential clients. This implies to run a quite big infrastructure like playout, encoding, multiplexing, broadcasting and technial support.
Building up all this infrastructure on your own is a lot of effort and costs a tremendous amount of money.

This is where Panaccess comes into play.
We have built up this infrastructure for you, already.

All hardware components listed above (except of satellites) are operated and maintained directly by us in our own premises.
Due to our good connections to many global satellite operators we as Panaccess can provide very competitive prices for satellite bandwidth.


  • Server hosting
  • Dedicated hardware as per your requirement
  • Remote access with full administrative privileges
  • Encoding
  • Multiplexing
  • Monitoring
  • Uplinking to satellite
  • Flexible support, depending on your reqirements

Choose your footprint

We broadcast your channel to the most favorite target regions for betting applications.

Hispasat H30W-6



Amos 17

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